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Co-operation on Safety between the IAEA and KAERI

The general purpose of the Practical Arrangement on co-operation between the IAEA and Korean Atomic Energy Institute (KAERI) is to strengthen the co-operation between the two organizations in the area of nuclear installation safety with specific focus on safety standards, advanced safety assessment methods and associated training programmes.

This Practical Arrangement between the IAEA and KAERI covers the following general areas of co-operation:

  • Safety standards related to current and future reactors
  • A global network for nuclear safety assessment
  • Analytical simulators for training and accident analyses, including web-based systems
  • Validation and application of safety assessment methods, deterministic and probabilistic, and the development of associated databases
  • Development and conduct of safety assessment training programmes and activities.

The agreement foresees that IAEA and KAERI will develop project concepts which will be reviewed on an annual basis and approved by both organizations for implementation. The first projects identified and agreed upon concern the development of an analytical simulator-based KAERI VISA visual system analyzer and a web-based simulator concept. These projects will enhance the Centre for Advanced Safety Assessment Tools (CASAT) training capabilities by providing the IAEA with the means of effectively training Member States analysts using advanced and flexible graphical interfaces to analytical tools.

Both Parties also agreed to cooperate on the joint concept and development of a Management Safety Display System (MSD). This project will be initiated with a feasibility study for such a system, particularly in the context of usability of the system at emergency response centres of regulatory authorities, nuclear power plant technical support organizations, and at international organizations such as the IAEA Incident and Emergency Centre (IEC). The feasibility study will include a small pilot system to verify proposed technical solutions.

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.