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International Safety Assessment Centre - INSAC

The IAEA statute authorises fostering the exchange of technical information on the peaceful use of atomic energy and encouraging the exchange and training of experts in the field of safety. This centre of excellence is further expanding IAEA capacity building efforts, enhancing its support to Member States in harmonizing safety assessment approaches worldwide and acting as a hub for safety review and advisory services.

The overall objective of INSAC is to support Member State capacity building efforts based on the IAEA Safety Standards through:

  • Facilitating the application of safety standards through the validation of technical bases
  • Providing support to States in education, training, and methods and tools for the technical evaluation of safety cases
  • Facilitating comprehensive IAEA advisory and review services
  • Providing networking systems ensuring effective knowledge and information sharing, coordination and collaboration
  • Supporting States in implementing a sustainable nuclear power programme based on a strong foundation of safety, security and international legal instruments.

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.