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Centre for Advanced Safety Assessment Tools - CASAT

The objective of the IAEA Programme on Nuclear Safety and Security is to increase the capability of the Member States to achieve and maintain a high level of safety and security in nuclear installations under design, construction or in operation. This is being accomplished through the development of safety standards, training and educational programmes and collaborative activities. The IAEA Centre for Advanced Safety Assessment Tools (CASAT) provides access to a secure, flexible and cost effective training and information management system supporting safety assessment capabilities in Member States.

CASAT is a web-based platform designed to support safety assessment capacity building in IAEA Member States providing:

  • A secure Internet forum for collaboration on regional and other safety assessment related projects
  • An Internet-based safety assessment education and training tool
  • A safety assessment content and knowledge management tool

Access to CASAT is password protected and granted to participants in projects or training conducted using the CASAT web-based features.

The Centre is a vital element of the IAEA Global Safety Regime initiative and is committed to cooperation that leads to general enhancement of nuclear safety and to removal of unnecessary national differences in safety assessment capabilities. The Centre is a function of the Safety Assessment Section of the Nuclear Installation Safety Division supporting:

  • Integrated and harmonized approaches to safety based on IAEA Safety Standards and best safety practice
  • Development of safety infrastructure in less developed countries
  • Enhancement of international safety structures, networks and methodologies

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.