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Quality management system

The documentation of the implemented quality management system is organized into four different levels.

First level

The first level - the Quality Manual provides the managerial commitment to quality and also the quality policy and the generic quality objectives.

Second level

The second level contains all procedures documenting processes valid in all parts of the testing laboratory, as listed below:

  • the managerial processes needed for operating the laboratory
  • the general technical processes describes overall proficiency requirements
  • the specific technical processes describing procedures directly connected to individual or workplace monitoring only

Third level

The third level consists of the bulk of documents necessary for the daily work and specific to the different groups within the testing laboratory:

  • the specific working instructions documenting the measurement methods used in the laboratory

Fourth level

Finally in the fourth level information documents are collected, which are used as basis for the operation of measurement methods:

  • the validation procedures for the measurement methods including the estimation process for the specific uncertainties of the reported results
  • the forms for reporting results together with the general report supplement information to the customers

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