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IAEA ISOE Technical Centre

Information System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE) Technical Centre Activities

ISOE is jointly operated by the NEA and IAEA. The objective of the ISOE programme is to improve the management of occupational exposures at nuclear power plants through the collection and analysis of occupational exposure data and trends, and through the exchange of lessons learned among utility and national regulatory authority experts.

The IAEA invites IAEA Member States with operating nuclear power plants and who are not members of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) to participate, cost-free, in this project through the IAEA ISOE Technical Centre.

ISOE Membership through IAEA

ISOE participation includes nuclear electricity utilities and national regulatory authorities who participate under the ISOE Terms and Conditions . Official participants include (as of June 2015):

  • 76 Utilities in 29 countries
  • 22 Regulatory Authorities in 20 countries

There are ten utilities and eight authorities from ten countries participating in the activities in ISOE through the IAEA Technical Centre. These are utilities in Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Lithuania, Pakistan, Romania, South Africa and Ukraine and the regulatory authorities from Bulgaria, China, Lithuania, and United Arab Emirates.

ISOE Information Exchange

One important task for the ISOE Technical Centres is the collection of annual data on occupational exposure from the participating nuclear power plants and the transfer of the data to the European Technical Centre which maintains the central ISOE database.

Another ongoing task is the distribution of information material including, for example, information exchange on technical or safety events, and the announcements for the annual international symposia and workshops on occupational exposure management in nuclear power plants.

The annual international symposia are organized by the four ISOE Technical Centres (European Centre, Asian Centre, North American and IAEA Centre) on a four-year rotation policy. The workshops' concept, with contributions from and for the radiation protection professionals, has proven to be very effective. Papers and additional information are made available on the ISOE website.

The interactive software learning programme, RADIOR, is available on the web, in English only. It is also available on CD-ROM, in six languages (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish).

ISOE Information Sheets Archive

The following ISOE Information Sheets, issued by the IAEA ISOE Technical Centre since 1999, are available in electronic form:

Information Sheets are also distributed by the other three ISOE Technical Centres:


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