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Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors (IRSRR)

Research reactorBackground

What is the IRSRR?

The IRSRR is a system to collect, analyse, maintain and disseminate information received from participating Member States of the IAEA on unusual events that have occurred at research reactors, including reports that occurred before the IRSRR came into effect. The reports are stored in a database available to IAEA Member States, and provide technical information on safety related events in research reactors by identifying the root causes and describing the corrective actions implemented.

Products of IRSRR activity include the collection and evaluation of reports, and the organization of meetings and training courses.

Access to the IRSRR

How does the IRSRR operate?

The IRSRR is based on the principle that each participant will provide timely information on unusual events in research reactors.

A designated national co-ordinator is responsible for sending event reports in a standard format to the IAEA moderator.

After review of the completeness of the report and conformance with the IRSRR Guide, the IAEA moderator will distribute the reports to all participants.

Why participate in the IRSRR?

It is understood that the systematic collection and evaluation of operational experience with unusual events is a very useful way to improve operational safety. A proper analysis of unusual events can identify root causes and provide valuable lessons to be learned by, for example, reactor operators, reactor designers, etc.

Who is eligible to participate in the IRSRR?

Any Member State with operating, near to operate or not operating but with not decommissioned research reactors.

What should be reported?

  • An unusual event that may yield important safety lessons
  • An unusual event that is itself important or serious in terms of its safety implications
  • An unusual release of radioactive material or exposure to radiation


Organized by
28 May-1 June 2007 Fifth IRSRR Co-ordinators Meeting Vienna, Austria IAEA
16-20 May
Fourth IRSRR Co-ordinators Meeting Daejon, Republic of Korea IAEA/KINS
6-10 Sep
Regional Workshop on the Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors (IRSRR) Dimitrovgrad,
Ulyanovsk Region,
IAEA/Research Institute of Atomic Reactors/FSUE State Scientific Center of Russian Federation
17-21 Nov
Third IRSRR Co-ordinators Meeting Bariloche,

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