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Self-Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructure for Safety (SARIS)


The IAEA Self-Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructure for Safety (SARIS) methodology and tools have been developed to support States' routine and regular self-evaluation of the national infrastructure for nuclear and radiation safety in terms of compatibility with IAEA safety standards.


  • SARIS is compatible with the Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) Guidelines, and is used both in preparation for, and during the conduct of, an IRRS
  • SARIS enables efficient, comparable and objective implementation of the various phases of the IAEA Self-Assessment Methodology. In particular, through completing SARIS question-sets (all derived from relevant IAEA Safety Standards and international undertakings such as the Code of Conduct on Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources) and in so doing, providing evidence and justification to support answers given. The methodology culminates in an internal analysis of the State's SARIS responses and evidence leading to the developing and implementation within SARIS of a continuous improvement plan for the national infrastructure for safety
  • SARIS is modular in both its structure and use. Further modules and variants are expected to be added with further development of the software
  • SARIS permanently archives self-assessment outputs in the form of a detailed SARIS Report, including the State's responses to question-sets, appended documentary evidence and the analysis of responses for all modules addressed in any one self-assessment lifecycle
  • SARIS offers an electronically generated ‘Priority Assignment’ (PA) value for each module and for the overall self-assessment, providing an indication of where the most immediate improvement needs may lie. This computerized snapshot is derived from the answers provided to the question-sets and is used only to direct priorities during the analysis phase and action planning
  • SARIS and the Report generated are structured to facilitate action planning for the continuous improvement of the safety infrastructure in accordance with identified priorities and realistically achievable objectives
  • The SARIS Report is freely editable and where required, will form the basis of the Advance Reference Material (ARM) for IRRS and other IAEA review programmes. Once the Report is agreed to be accurate and complete, it may be archived as a permanent record, thus serving as a comprehensive reference of the status of the safety infrastructure at a particular time
  • The IAEA self-assessment process and SARIS are applicable in all Member States, irrespective of the current status of their infrastructure for safety
  • SARIS (which incorporates a high level of confidentiality and data security) will run on any Microsoft Windows® operating system. It is available as a server based network environment or as a stand-alone single computer software

The IAEA SARIS methodology has been published and is available on the IAEA website. The SARIS software is also available and can be downloaded from the website. Comments, questions and feedback are welcome.


SAT screenshotThe IAEA self-assessment programme facilitates planned and progressive improvement of the legal and governmental infrastructure for safety and contributes fundamentally to States' efforts to enhance the effectiveness of safety activities. Thus, the IAEA encourages every Member State to implement Self-Assessment of the national Infrastructure for Safety as an integral part of the management system of the national bodies responsible for safety, for routine, cyclic measurement, assessment and improvement of performance.

The IAEA is providing support to its Member States in the implementation of the IAEA Self-Assessment Methodology and SARIS software. For further information or support with training, installation, customization or use of the IAEA self-assessment process and SARIS, please contact the Regulatory Infrastructure and Transport Safety Section of NSRW or the Regulatory Activities Section of NSNI.

Member States’ feedback on the IAEA Self-Assessment Methodology and SARIS is encouraged, in order that the system may be continuously improved and adapted to the evolving needs of governments, regulatory bodies and operators.

Self-Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructure for Safety (SARIS)


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