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Regional workshop on Occupational Exposure in Medical Applications

Adelaide, Australia, 12-16 October, 2010

The IAEA recently held a regional workshop on Occupational Exposure in Medical Applications in Adelaide, Australia.

The workshop was organised under the IAEA's RCA (Regional Co-operative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology for Asia and the Pacific) in cooperation with the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) and the Asia Region ALARA Network (ARAN).

Thirty-four participants from 16 countries including the host country, attended the workshop. The Workshop commenced with plenary lectures on:

  • The IAEA's Occupational Radiation Protection programme and the Basic Safety Standards
  • The current status of International ALARA Networking and Radiation protection in medical applications including the new ORPNET
  • The IAEA approach on ALARA in Medical Applications

There were five keynote presentations on different topics in the medical sector, related to ALARA. These were:

  • ALARA in Medical Applications in Australia - Current Issues
  • ALARA in Interventional Radiology
  • ALARA in Diagnostic Radiology
  • ALARA in Nuclear Medicine
  • ALARA in Radiotherapy

Fifteen countries made presentations followed by discussions. One session was devoted to the Working Groups on three key topics:

  • Working group 1 - Interventional & diagnostic radiology
  • Working group 2: Nuclear Medicine
  • Working group 3: Radiotherapy.

Several recommendations were raised and discussed by the Working Groups. The Asia Region ALARA Network Steering committee met for one and half days to discuss future plans.

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