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Fuel Incident Notification and Analysis System (FINAS)

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What is FINAS?

FINAS is a web-based system for the exchange of lessons learned from operating experience gained in fuel cycle facilities (FCF). The main objective of the Fuel Incident Notification and Analysis System (FINAS) is to provide timely feedback on safety related events to help to prevent the occurrence or recurrence of such incidents or accidents.

Fuel cycle facilities relevant for FINAS are: uranium and thorium mines and milling, refining facilities, conversion facilities, enrichment facilities, fuel fabrication facilities, radioisotope production facilities, waste treatment and conditioning facilities, fuel handling and intermediate storage facilities, reprocessing facilities, and fuel cycle research and development laboratories.

FINAS activity includes the collection, evaluation and dissemination of event reports, and the organization of meetings and workshops for participating Member States.

How does FINAS operate?

FINAS is based on the voluntary commitment of participating Member States, which are responsible for selecting the safety related events to be reported to FINAS.

Participating Member States designate a FINAS national co-ordinator for the receipt and distribution of information to end users in their Member State.

After review of the completeness of the event report and its conformance with FINAS Guidelines, the IAEA FINAS technical officer enters the event report into the FINAS database where it can be viewed by all national coordinators and other designated users.

Why participate in FINAS?

The systematic sharing of lessons learned from safety events is of prime importance in improving the operational safety of nuclear fuel cycle facilities.

For each safety significant event, its description, cause analysis, lessons learned including the implemented corrective actions provide valuable information to organizations professionally involved in the nuclear fuel cycle industry, such as regulators and their technical support, operating organizations, vendor companies such as design firms, engineering contractors, manufacturers, and research establishments working in the fuel cycle field.

Who is eligible to participate in FINAS?

Any Member State with:

  • One or more fuel cycle facilities in operation, or
  • A fuel cycle facility which is not operated but is not decommissioned, or
  • A project to build a fuel cycle facility.

What should be reported?

Events of safety significance for the international community in terms of causes and lessons learned.

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.