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Member States' Competent Authorities

Under article 7 of the Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident and article 4 of the Convention on Assistance in Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency States Parties designate competent authorities to carry out specific functions with respect to issuing and receiving information relating to nuclear and radiological emergencies. Moreover the IAEA Secretariat expects all Member States (including non-Party Member States) to designate competent authorities in order to meet requirements defined in Safety Standard No. GS-R-2. The competent authorities and the IAEA Secretariat have in their follow up of GC(46)/RES/9.D, recognized the need for a collaboration mechanism with respect to the international arrangements for preparedness and response to nuclear and radiological emergencies. Since 2001, the Secretariat has convened biennial meetings of competent authorities identified under the Conventions.

International Action Plan for Strengthening the International Preparedness and Response System for Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies

In June 2004 at the IAEA Board of Governors an International Action Plan was approved. Its purpose is to strengthen the international preparedness and response system through focusing the efforts of Member States of the IAEA, their Competent Authorities identified under the Early Notification Convention and the Assistance Convention, and of the IAEA Secretariat. The Action Plan covers three main areas:

  • international communication
  • international assistance
  • sustainable infrastructure

For many States, the implementation of the Action Plan will also contribute to improvements in their national capabilities.

National Competent Authority Coordinating Group – NCACG

The Second Meeting of Competent Authorities convened by the IAEA Secretariat in Vienna in June 2003, established a regionally representative National Competent Authorities’ Coordinating Group (NCACG) to manage tasks assigned to the competent authorities by the Meetings of Competent Authorities and to coordinate and facilitate their contributions to the ongoing process towards enhanced international emergency preparedness and response systems.

The NCACG consists of a Chairperson and six members representing each of the following geographical regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America (including Mexico) and Western Europe.


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