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International Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) Framework

The international EPR framework is based on:

  • The legal instruments
  • The IAEA Safety Standards (Requirements and Guides)
  • Agreements and arrangements made by and between the IAEA Member States, the IAEA Secretariat and relevant international organizations to maintain the preparedness to respond to any nuclear or radiological emergency irrespective of its cause

Contributors include:

In 2012 the IAEA Secretariat established the Emergency Preparedness and Response Expert Group (EPREG) as a standing body of senior experts with high professional competence and demonstrated leadership in the field of preparedness for and response to nuclear and radiological emergencies. This was done in order to facilitate the provision of advice to the IAEA Secretariat on actions needed for the coordinated and continuous enhancement of the international EPR framework. The EPREG consists of 16 experts in EPR from all geographic regions.

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