The Portable Digital Tool for Assisting First Responders to a Radiological Emergency is a tool designed for use by emergency services personnel when responding to a radiological emergency. It provides practical quick guides and information for the first responder. The tool is based on the material in the IAEA Manual for first responders to a radiological emergency.

Caution: This tool should only be used once it has been integrated with national and local emergency arrangements including translation; revision to be consistent with local organizations and concepts of operation; training conducted and finally tested during drills and exercises. Although great care has been taken to maintain the accuracy of information contained in this tool, neither the IAEA nor its Member States assume any responsibility for consequences, which may arise from its use.

Checklists and forms

Some pages in this tool contain basic checklists and forms that may be used as a memory aid or to help capture information during a response. Information entered on these pages may be printed (e.g. to PDF format) using the normal print function in the browser. The entered information remains on the pages as long as the browser window is kept open, provided that Javascript and cookies are enabled.

All forms and checklists in this tool are automatically reset when the browser is closed. To manually reset all forms and checklists, click this link:

Further information

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