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The Regional East European and Central Asian ALARA Network

KEYWORDS: Europe, Asia, intersectorial, self sustainable, legal entity, workshops, newsletter, website


RECAN starts with history of Central and east European ALARA Network (CEEAN) initiated by IAEA 2002. CEEAN was an important stage in creation of RECAN for many reasons: it proved that networking might be living and useful, raised an interest to such kind of information exchange.


The objectives of this RECAN was to support the development of a sustainable regional network, which facilitates information exchange and an integrated approach to practical and cost-effective implementation of the principle of optimization of radiation protection, the As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principle, in participating Member States.
The main outputs of the RECAN will consist of the organization of workshops, publication of a Newsletter and exchange of information through a dedicated website. Links will be also provided to other networks covering many radiation protection areas.


RECAN operates under the control of a Steering Committee (RECAN SC) which consists of at least 6 members elected by the national representatives, the coordinator of RECAN, one representative of the IAEA, one representative of the EAN and the national representative from the host country of the next workshop. The network recently consists of more than 20 countries from Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia.



Once a year; the RECAN Steering Committee organizes a Workshop with the support of IAEA.


Newsletter is published once a year with the idea to provide a link among all those concerned with ALARA in the region and elsewhere. It includes articles, expert viewpoints, ALARA information, comments and news.


For more information, please go to the RECAN website

| Last update: Tuesday, 10 October, 2017.