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  1. Regional Meeting on New Technologies for Individual Monitoring and the Results for Inter-comparison Exercise

  2. Morocco, Salé, 25-29 November 2013

The Regional Meeting on New Technologies for Individual Monitoring and the Results for Inter-comparison Exercise was held in CNRP, Salé, Morocco, 25-29 November 2013. The meeting was an activity under the regional project of IAEA Technical Cooperation programme, RAF9043 ”Strengthening the Transfer of Experience Related to Occupational Radiation Protection of the Nuclear Industry and Other Applications Involving Ionizing Radiation”. The local organizer of the regional meeting was Centre National de Ratioprotection (CNRP).

29 participants from 23 African Member States and one Asian Member State participated in the meeting. 28 laboratories participated in the intercomparison exercise on individual monitoring. Three countries outside the region, Mongolia, Sri Lanka from Asia, and Slovakia from Europe attended the intercomparison exercise and Mongolia participated in the regional meeting.

The Director General of CNRP delivered a welcome remark. The IAEA Technical Officer delivered a remark on behalf of IAEA and  gave a presentation on the occupational radiation protection programme of the IAEA. 

The external expert from Algeria introduced the overall arrangement and irradiation of the dosimeters in the intercomparison exercise in the Algerian Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory. The external expert from Japan delivered presentations on the new techniques for individual monitoring: RPL dosimetry system, OSL dosimetry system and SSNTD dosimetry system.

All the participants presented their results. It was recognized by the participants that intercomparison exercise is important for improving the individual monitoring quality in the region. It was strongly suggested that similar intercomparison will be necessary in the future.

The meeting provided a forum for the exchange of experiences on the monitoring services and for the information on the up to date individual monitoring techniques. Through the discussion on the intercomparison results, the gaps and challenges for the future improvements were identified. It was a successful meeting.

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