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  1. Meeting on establishing National Dose Registry

A technical meeting to promote a National Dose Registry in non-established Member States was held successfully in Vienna International Centre in Vienna, Austria on 2-4 April 2014.

The technical session covered:

  • Problems faced at the time of the establishment and during the operation phase in the dose registry established member states
  • Current status of National dose registry in the non-established member states
  • Action report concerning personal dose management from the IAEA
  • Group discussion on issues concerning establishment of National Dose Registry

Experts from the dose registry established Member States shared the practical experience and difficulties encountered.

There were presentations from Spain, France, Germany and Australia as established member states. Among them the French presentation, which showed unified personal dose management system including air crew and military personnel, was impressive. Australia has already established the National Dose Registry in the field of Uranium mining and work is in progress to cover another field like medical sector for unified personal dose management system. There were presentations from China, Japan, Canada, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey and UAE as well as information on ISEMIR , National Dose Registry for Latin America based on regional project RLA9066 (Strengthening and Updating Technical Capabilities for the Protection of Health  and Safety of Workers Occupationally  Exposed to Ionizing Radiation), and IAEA Dose Management System. Group discussions were also held on specific issues relevant to the establishment of national dose registries.

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