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DDG-NS signed the Practical Arrangements for the cooperation between IAEA and ROSATOM State Corporation on Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation

IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, 14 September 2015

Meeting Objectives

The Practical Arrangements were signed by Mr Denis Flory, the Deputy Director General of the IAEA and Mr Viacheslav Pershukov, Deputy CEO for Innovation Management, ROSATOM on 14th September 2015 on the sidelines of the 59th General Conference of the IAEA in Vienna.

The objectives of these Practical Arrangements are to set forth the framework for non-exclusive cooperation between the IAEA and ROSATOM and to provide assistance in areas related to the radiation safety of workers against ionizing radiation in the Russian Federation due to exposure to natural and artificial sources of ionizing radiation.

As Mr Miroslav Pinak, Head of the Radiation Safety and Monitoring Section, stated after the signing ceremony: "The signing of the Practical Arrangements is a very important step towards the implementation and promotion of the IAEA Safety Standards. The harmonized radiation protection system is not only helping to ensure the highest level of radiation safety of workers in nuclear applications, but also that associated radiation risk is properly managed, communicated and understood. I am also sure that the cooperation between IAEA and ROSATOM will serve as a very good example of the IAEA function to provide for the application of the safety standards in Member States."


Initial priorities under the Practical Arrangements include radiation protection of workers, and assessment and management of radiation health risks due to planned occupational exposure to external radiation.

Requirement 26 of the International Basic Safety Standards for Protection against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources (“BSS”) states that "Employers, in cooperation with registrants and licensees … shall provide all workers with adequate information on health risks due to their occupational exposure". A Guidance document "Estimation of individual health risks for workers of "Rosatom" due to external exposure" will be developed as a part of these Arrangements.

The objective of the Guidance document is to be achieved by development of a technique of individualized radiation risk estimation for workers of ROSATOM based on their individual doses and allowing for main risk modifiers such as gender, age, and time of exposure.

The result of activities undertaken under these Practical Arrangements can also be promoted under the auspices of the IAEA among the Member States to assist them in providing adequate information to workers on their health risks associated with exposure to radiation.


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