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Strengthening Occupational Radiation Protection at the Nuclear Facilities

The Department of Nuclear Safety and Security of the IAEA is conducting several projects with funding from the European Commission under the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC). These projects are implemented by the IAEA under its approved Regular Programme with supplementary funding by the European Commission. Two projects are conducted by the Ocupational Radiation Protection Unit:

• B.4 (1) Occupational Radiation Protection and Risk Management for NPPs, and

• B.4 (2) Strengthening Occupational Radiation Protection at Future Intensified Activities to Improve Safety within Nuclear Facilities.

B.4 (1): Occupational Radiation Protection and Risk Management for NPPs

The 1st Consultancy Meeting (6 Feb 2015), The 2nd Consultancy Meeting (15 April 2015)

The 3rd Consultancy Meeting (22 April 2015)

In this project, the IAEA is devloping the guidance material in protection for workers during the decommissioning of nuclear installations. During 2014 input material were collected at workshops organized by the IAEA. In 2015, three consultancy meetings have been held to develop the guidance material based on the output from the workshops. Experts from UK, France, Germany, Canada, US, and Lithuania participated at these meetings. The material will contain guidance on a practical level, to be used in managing radiation protection of workers during both the planning phase and the conduct of decommissioning activities. It will support the relevant IAEA safety standards in occupational radiation protection and decommissioning. It is planned to be published as an IAEA Technical Document (TECDOC) dealing with important aspects for management, planning and conduct in occupational radiation protection of nuclear installations.

The draft document consists of three main sections:
• Impact of decommissioning on protection of workers
• Set-up of occupational radiation protection for decommissioning
• Occupational radiation protection aspects on conduct of decommissioning activities

All section will include practical guidance and examples from experiences at different operators and member states.

B.4 (2): Strengthening Occupational Radiation Protection at Future Intensified Activities to Improve Safety within Nuclear Facilities

The objective of this IAEA project, to strengthen occupational radiation protection at NPPs, is implemented by upgrading and updating guidance and training material in occupational radiation protection.

The part dealing with an upgrade of guidance material is specifically related to workplace monitoring. Two consultancy meetings have been organized during the last six months in order to review and to continue the development of two volumes of TECDOCs on workplace monitoring:

• Volume 1 on radiation dose rates and surface contamination and
• Volume 2 on airborne contamination.

Experts from US, UK, Canada, Sweden and Japan have participated in this activity. The purpose of the documents is to provide technical guidance in measurement technique and instrumentation for different type of practices, including NPPs. The material will support the general guidance on workplace monitoring in the IAEA Safety Guide on occupational radiation protection. During the last consultancy meeting, held on 4-8 May 2015, drafts of the documents were finalized.

In parallel to the development of the technical documents on workplace monitoring, an update of the corresponding training material is ongoing. Two consultancy meetings have been held to review and update the previous material. The updated material is to be based on the technical guidance and to be consistent with the IAEA safety guide on occupational radiation protection. It is aimed for Radiation Protection Officers (RPO) but can of course be fitted according to different needs. The review and update has been done by experts from Hungary, UK, Canada, Sweden and Brazil.

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| Last update: Wednesday, 01 July, 2015.