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IAEA Testing Laboratory for Radiation Protection successfully passed the re-accreditation

Testing laboratory

According to the IAEA’s Radiation Safety Regulation, a testing laboratory should provide independent radiation protection services for IAEA’s operations as a radiation monitoring and protection service provider. The services, under the Radiation Safety and Monitoring Section, covers both individual monitoring for IAEA staff or experts and operational radiation protection for IAEA facilities. To keep the service with high quality, the IAEA’s Testing laboratory for radiation protection has to maintain the ISO17025 accreditation for the radiation protection services. The testing laboratory was accredited according to ISO17025 by Austrian authority in 2006. This accreditation was valid for 5 years and due till November 2011. With the well preparation, the external audit was conducted from 16 to 17 November, 2011, and the testing laboratory was successfully passed the re-accreditation by the Austrian authority. That means the laboratory can sustainably provide the service with high quality and of course with qualification for IAEA operations. The experiences of the re-accreditation can also be shared by the radiation protection monitoring service laboratories in the Member States. Some of the documents of the quality management in the laboratory have been posted on the website of NSRW. (

| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.