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International Action Plan for Occupational Radiation Protection - updates

Steering Committe

The Fifth Meeting of the Steering Committee of the International Action Plan for Occupational Radiation Protection(IAPORP) was held in Vienna, 15-17 June 2011. Seventeen participants from the member states and international organizations attended the meeting.
The First, Second, Third and Fourth Meetings of the Steering Committee were held in Vienna on 4-6 February 2004, 25-27 January 2006, 28-30 January 2008 and 15-17 February 2010 respectively.
The status of each action still in progress or completed but with follow up actions of the IAPORP was introduced by ILO and IAEA representatives. The Steering Committee concluded that all 14 actions had been successfully completed. Therefore the Steering Committee proposed that the IAPORP should be closed.
Current activities on occupational radiation protection, including education and training carried out by the IAEA and other international organisations (ILO, EC, NEA, UNSCEAR and WHO) were also briefed.
Presentations on the implications of the Fukushima accident on occupational exposures were given from IAEA and UNSCEAR.
The IAEA, ILO and WHO introduced a session on future activities and suggested a sustainable mechanism to continue their collaboration. They confirmed their commitment to continuing and strengthening the inter-agency cooperation to prevent duplication of efforts. Whenever possible, joint publications and joint activities will be done.
The Steering Committee considered that many activities should be pursued as part of the regular activities of the Agencies The Steering Committee noted that since the first International Conference on Occupational Radiation Protection (Geneva 2002) the context has evolved a lot in terms of international recommendations and standards such as ICRP 103 issued in 2007, revision of the BSS, new technologies (in particular in the medical sector), increasing trend of itinerant workers, implementation of radiation risk management in the NORM industries, feedback experience in decommissioning and post accidental situations. Therefore the Steering Committee recommended that the IAEA should consider convening the second International Conference for Occupational Radiation Protection in 2014 in collaboration with other international organisations.

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