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The European ALARA Network

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The European ALARA Network (EAN) was established in 1996 by the European Commission. In June 2005, after 9 years spent within the scope of the European Commission research programs, EAN became self-sustainable. It was registered as a legal entity under French law in July 2005 as a non-profit making association.


  • To promote a wider and more uniform implementation of the ALARA principle for the management of public, patient and worker’s exposures.
  • To provide a focus and a mechanism for the exchange and dissemination of information from practical ALARA experiences and good radiation protection practice.
  • To identify and investigate topical issues of common interest to further improve the implementation of ALARA.


EAN has a Steering Group consisting of organizations from 20 different European countries, which have signed the EAN “Terms and Conditions”. The budget of the network is managed by an Administrative Board, composed of Members financially supporting EAN. The technical and administrative management of the network is organised by a Coordination Team, composed of CEPN (France) and HPA (UK) staff members.

The countries represented in EAN are the following: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Main activities


Topical ALARA Workshops are organised at least every 18 months on challenging ALARA issues. For example: “ALARA and decommissioning” (1st Workshop, 1997), “Industrial radiography: improvements in radiation protection” (5th Workshop, 2001), “Occupational exposure to natural radiation” (9th Workshop, 2005), “ALARA in safety and security of radioactive sources” (12th Workshop, 2009), “ALARA in the medical sector” (13th Workshop, 2011).


Since 1996, the European ALARA Newsletter has been published twice a year



The EAN Forum is a mailing-list, which allows participants to post questions and requests for information, undertake reviews and surveys, and exchange information. Topics have included: the implementation of European BSS in national regulations; Diagnostics Reference Levels in Europe; and national policies to manage radon.

European sub-networks and working group

EAN sub-network on research reactors (2002 - not active at the moment)
ERPAN - European Radioprotection Authority Network: for regulatory authority inspectors (2005) EAN Working group on ALARA culture (2009)

For more information, please go to the EAN website

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