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The European ALARA Network for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials - EAN NORM

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In 1996, the European Commission (EC) initiated the creation of a European ALARA Network (EAN) to specify European research on topics dealing with optimisation of all types of occupational exposure, as well as to facilitate the dissemination of good ALARA practices within all sectors of the European nuclear industry and research.

Up to 2007 the NORM sector was not explicitly included in this network. Therefore, an ALARA Network for NORM (- acronym EANNORM ) has been developed in the years 2007 and 2008 which interconnects groups of experts and provides experiences for the implementation of the ALARA principle in non-nuclear industries.


A network for promoting rational and coherent management of radiation protection optimisation in non-nuclear industry has been established. EANNORM has been designed as a component of EAN in such a way to facilitate the direct exchange of information between national competent radiation protection bodies, the industry and the industry trade associations on regulatory initiatives and administrative procedures as well as on operational radiation protection measures.

EANNORM forms the basic structure for assimilation of experience gained in each step of the operation of NORM industry. The focus of the recent work is on the further qualification of the EANNORM. EANNORM shall provide via an internet portal online support, recommendations and directives, decision support and scientific information concerning NORM related topics. Furthermore, the portal EANNORM is a useful tool to interconnect groups of radiation protection experts working in the non-nuclear industry but also the health and safety managers, the radiation protection organisations, the research bodies, the regulatory bodies, and the trade union representatives

Main activities


NORM Workshops are organised at least once a year on challenging NORM issues.



For more information, please go to the EANNORM website

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