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Coordination of Regional Networks of RPO/RPE, and other occupational radiation protection stakeholders

(CoRPAR, Coordination des Réseaux régionaux de PCR et des Acteurs de la Radioprotection)

KEYWORDS: RPO, RPE, regional networks, French language, bottom-up approach


In 2008, the first three occupational radiation protection networks emerged in France. Since 2014, 15 of such networks have been established with more than 1900 members. All of them can be considered a bridge between several sectors including medical, research and non-nuclear industry.

In addition to the existing networks in France, the CoRPAR has been set up in 2011 for coordination between regional networks. Experts, not only from France but also from French speaking countries such as Belgium and Luxembourg, have been participating in the activities of regional networks.


As an umbrella society, the CoRPAR coordinates occupational radiation protection related activities and provides a platform for knowledge / information exchange between the associations in order to improve the arrangements, both general and more specific ones in each sector.


The CoRPAR has become a not for profit organisation as of July 2015. In terms of management, all 15 networks are represented at the Administrative Board and a rotation policy is followed for one-year-chairmanship. The nuclear sector representatives are invited as observers to the CoRPAR meetings, as well as other national representatives from army, dentistry and finally veterinary sectors.
In order to avoid any conflict of interest, both the regional networks and the CoRPAR agreed on the code of ethics which is available at the CoRPAR website.

The partners of the CoRPAR are administrative, scientific bodies and companies concerned with occupational radiation protection. A convention has been signed with the RELIR/OTHEA networks.

Main activities

  • Conduct surveys on emerging issues, such as on eye lens exposures, among the individual members of the different networks (outside the nuclear industry) in order to identify the surrounding issues and the actual situation.
  • Introduction of proposals and presentations, incorporating the remarks of the individual members of the regional networks, at national and international meetings, workshops and through inter-networks working groups using a bottom-up approach.
  • Providing official trainings and education tools to the members.



The CoRPAR organizes biennial workshops with the SFRP (Société Française de Radioprotection - French Society for Radiation Protection). Each regional network also organizes at least one regional workshop per year.


For more information, updates and useful links, please visit CoRPAR website (French only):

| Last update: Friday, 15 January, 2016.