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Asian Network of Cardiologists in Radiation Protection

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The Asia Network of Cardiologists in Radiation Protection was initiated by the IAEA in Sarawak, Malaysia in March 2007 as a part of the Regional Cooperation Asia (RCA) project RAS 9042 to support the development of a sustainable regional network, which facilitates information, findings and data exchange and practical implementation of the radiation protection among interventional cardiologists in participating countries.


To develop, enhance and maintain competence and skills in radiation protection, with special emphasis on the techniques used in cardiac catheterization laboratories within participating countries and serve as an example for other regions.


Asian Network of Cardiologists in Radiation Protection is coordinated by the Technical Officer (Dr. Madan Rehani). The network has established a Newsletter under the editorship of a cardiologist from the region (Dr. K.H. Sim). Participants at the moment include from RCA countries Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam.



Periodic newsletters is issued and can be accessed at:



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