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Design Safety for Nuclear Power Programmes

Improving safety assessment and the integrated decision making process

The IAEA helps Member States achieve the optimal level of design and engineering safety for its nuclear installations through:

  • Development of Safety Standards
    To assist Member States in achieving and maintaining a high level of safety in nuclear power plants through the development of safety standards in the design and engineering areas and long term operation, including ageing management, periodic safety review and configuration management
  • Safety Review Services
    To promote and assist Member States in the application of these safety standards through the Design and Safety Assessment Review Service (DSARS), including assistance to improve their ability to perform self-assessments
  • Capacity and Competency Building
    To exchange experience and information on developed methodologies, to build competency through the Safety Assessment Education and Training Programme (SAET), to disseminate good practices and to facilitate knowledge management and networking among the Member States in the technical areas of design and engineering safety, developing and maintaining the related global knowledge base.


Safety Standards for Design Safety

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.