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IAEA Safety Glossary 2007 Edition

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The IAEA Safety Glossary defines and explains technical terms used in IAEA safety standards and other safety related IAEA publications, and provides information on their usage.

Please see Concepts and Terms and please read the Introduction before using the Safety Glossary.

The IAEA Safety Glossary has been in use as Version 1.0 since April 2000. Version 2.0 was issued in September 2006 on this web site and was submitted for publication. The IAEA Safety Glossary: 2007 Edition was published in June 2007 and is available as a sales publication.

The Safety Glossary provides guidance primarily for the drafters and reviewers of safety standards and other publications, including IAEA technical officers and consultants and members of bodies for the endorsement of safety standards.

The primary purpose of the Safety Glossary is to harmonize terminology and usage in the IAEA safety standards and in the work of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security generally.

Once definitions of terms have been formalized and established, they are, in general, intended to be observed in safety standards and other safety related IAEA publications.


Users of the Safety Glossary, in particular drafters of national legislation, should be aware that the terms included have been chosen and the definitions and explanations given have been drafted for this purpose. Terminology and usage may differ in other contexts, such as in the publications of other organizations and in binding international legal instruments.

The Safety Glossary is also a source of information for other Agency staff — notably writers, editors, translators, revisers and interpreters — and for users of IAEA safety standards and other safety related IAEA publications.

Distribution media

The Safety Glossary (2007 Edition in English) is provided as a downloadable Adobe portable document format (pdf) file (2.24MB) as well as being available as a sales publication.

Separate pdfs are provided of the Safety Glossary (2007 Edition) in the five other official languages of the IAEA (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish).

A CD-ROM is available that contains the IAEA Safety Glossary (2007 Edition) in English and the versions in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish as Adobe portable document format (pdf) files. The CD-ROM also includes pdf files of the Safety Fundamentals, Fundamental Safety Principles (2006), in these six IAEA official languages.

Submission of feedback on the IAEA Safety Glossary

It is intended to revise and update the IAEA Safety Glossary periodically in the light of changes in terminology and usage in the safety standards due to developments in technology and in regulatory approaches in Member States.

The Secretariat invites the submission of information concerning the definitions and explanations and the usage of terms defined in the Safety Glossary from users of the IAEA safety standards (in English and in translation) and safety related publications.

A change form is provided for the submission of feedback for consideration in revising the Safety Glossary. Before starting to complete a change form, please carefully read the Introduction for guidance on the purpose, scope and use of the Safety Glossary.

The change form may be downloaded and opened as a Word file, completed, saved (please save each such file with a file name that identifies the Safety Glossary term concerned and your name) and then submitted as an attachment to an email message to the address below.

We appreciate your interest.

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