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The Basic Safety Standards

Current status

The jointly sponsored edition of the Safety Requirements “Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards” was published as General Safety Requirements Part 3 in July 2014. This edition supersedes the Interim Edition that was published in 2011, which itself superseded the International Basic Safety Standards that were issued as IAEA Safety Series No. 115 in February 1996.

The joint sponsors are EC, FAO, IAEA, ILO, OECD/NEA, PAHO, UNEP, and WHO.

The BSS will be published in all the official languages of the IAEA in due course.

Implementation of the BSS

Several Regional Workshops have been held to promote the implementation of the BSS in Member States, including most recently, in Cape Town.

A number of national workshops on the implementation of various aspects of the BSS have also been organized. Member States interested in hosting national workshops should contact the Radiation Protection Unit.

Factsheets for decision makers

The factsheets serve as guidelines for defining main responsibilities and roles of the different actors including the regulatory body and the government. They cover five areas of radiation protection, namely radiation protection of the public, patients, workers, environment and emergency response. These factsheets are freely available for download and distribution.

International Basic Safety Standards

International Basic Safety Standards factsheet

Radiation protection of the public

Protection of the Public

Radon in Homes

Consumer Products

Exemption and Clearance

Radionuclides in Food and Drinking Water

Non-medical Imaging

Radiation protection of patients

Radiation Protection in Medicine

Justification of Medical exposures

Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology

Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine

Radiation Protection in Image Guided Interventional Procedures

Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy

Radiation protection of workers

Assessment of Worker Exposure

Dose Limits for Workers

Exposure to Naturally Occurring
Radioactive Material (NORM)

Justification and Optimization Of Protection

Industrial Radiography

Dose Limit for The Lens Of The Eye

Other areas

Radiation Protection of the Environment

Emergency Preparedness and Response

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