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Safety Standards under development

The table below lists all IAEA Safety Standards series currently under development.

DS488 - Design of the Reactor Core for Nuclear Power Plants DPP488
DS487 - Design of Fuel Handling and Storage Systems for Nuclear Power Plants DPP487
DS486 - Establishing the Safety Infrastructure for a Nuclear Power Programme DPP486
DS485 - Ageing Management and Programme for Long Term Operation for Nuclear Power Plants DPP485
DS484 - Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations DPP484
DS483 - Severe Accident Management Programme for Nuclear Power Plants DPP483
DS482 - Design of Reactor Containment Systems for Nuclear Power Plants DPP482
DS481 - Design of the Reactor Coolant System and Associated Systems in Nuclear Power Plants DPP481
DS479 - Operating Experience Feedback for Nuclear Installations DPP479
DS478 - Safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities DPP478
DS477 - The Management System for the Predisposal and Disposal of Radioactive Waste DPP477
DS476 - Safety of Research Reactors DPP476
DS475 - Arrangements for Public Communications in Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency DPP475
DS474 - Arrangements for the Termination of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency DPP474
DS473 - Regulatory Body Functions and Processes DPP473
DS472 - Organisation, Management and Staffing of a Regulatory Body DPP472
DS471 - Radiation Safety of X ray Generators and Radiation Sources Used for Inspection Purposes and for Non-Medical Imaging DPP471
DS470 - Radiation Safety of Radiation Sources Used in Research and Education DPP470
DS469 - Planning and Preparing for Response to Transport Events Involving Radioactive Material DPP469
DS468 - Remediation Process for Areas with Residual Radioactive Material DPP468
DS462 - Revision by amendment of GSR Part 1, NS-R-3, SSR-2/1, SSR-2/2 and GSR Part 4 DPP462
DS460 - Communication and Consultation with Interested Parties by the Regulatory Body DPP460
DS459 - Management of Radioactive Residues from Mining, Mineral Processing, and other NORM related Activities DPP459
DS458 - Radiation Safety for Consumer Products DPP458
DS457 - Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency DPP457
DS456 - Leadership and Management for Safety DPP456
DS455 - Establishing a National Radiation Safety Infrastructure DPP455
DS454 - Predisposal Management of Waste from the Use of Radioactive Materials in Medicine, Industry, Research, Agriculture and Education DPP454
DS453 - Occupational Radiation Protection DPP453
DS452 - Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants, Research Reactors and other Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities DPP452
DS448 - Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste from Nuclear Reactors DPP448
DS447 - Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste from Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities DPP447
DS442 - Regulatory Control of Radioactive Discharges to the Environment DPP442
DS441 - Construction for Nuclear Installations DPP441
DS440 - Design Auxiliary Systems in Nuclear Power Plants DPP440
DS436 - Instrumentation and Control Systems and Software Important to Safety for Research Reactors DPP436
DS434 - Radiation Safety of Radioisotope Production Facilities DPP434
DS433 - Safety Aspects in Siting for Nuclear Installations DPP433
DS432 - Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment DPP432
DS431 - Design of Instumentation and Control Systems for Nuclear Power Plants DPP431
DS430 - Design of Electric Power Systems for NPPs DPP430
DS427 - A General Framework for prospective Radiological Environmental Impact Assessment and Protection of the Public DPP427
DS421 - Protection of the Public against Exposure Indoors due to Radon and Other Natural Sources of Radiation DPP421
DS420 - Radiation Protection and Safety in Nuclear Gauges DPP420
DS419 - Radiation Protection and Safety in Well Logging DPP419
DS403 - Decommissioning of Medical, Industrial and Research Facilities DPP403
DS399 - Radiation Protection and Safety in Medical Uses of Ionizing Radiation DPP399
DS381 - Safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research and Development Facilities DPP381
DS360 - Safety of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facilities DPP360

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