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BSS Workshop in South Africa, October, 2013

The workshop was hosted by the National Nuclear Regulator of South Africa and was held in Centurion, South Africa from 22 to 25 October 2013. and Member States in the African region were invited to attend. This was the first workshop on the implementation of the BSS to take place in Africa and Member States in the African region were invited to attend.


The purpose of the workshop was to to discuss the changes to the 1996 edition of the BSS that have been incorporated into the 2011 edition of the BSS (GSR Part 3) to consider how the BSS will be implemented in Member States, and to identify areas where further guidance is required.


The workshop was attended by 27 participants from 13 countries: Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritania, Niger, Seychelles, South Africa and Sudan.


The workshop commenced with a presentation of an overview of the IAEA Safety Standards as well as an overview of the major changes made to the BSS in the revision process i.e. the major changes from SS115 to GSR Part 3.

These were followed by 12 sessions on topical areas where there have been significant changes, namely, dose limits and dose constraints; implications of the new dose limit for the lens of the eye; responsibilities and justification in medical exposures; optimization in medical exposures; unintended and accidental medical exposures; human imaging for non-medical purposes; exemption and clearance; regulatory control of consumer products; regulatory control of NORM; emergency preparedness and response; reference levels in existing exposure situations; and radon in existing exposure situations.

There were two, three or four presentations in each session: one presentation by an IAEA expert to focus on issues relating to the topical area considered during the revision process, and one, two or three presentations by Member States on issues that the Member State faced in implementing the BSS in that topical area.

Closing Session

The concluding session discussed the key issues from the workshop for the Agency to address during the development of new Safety Guides or the revision of existing Safety Guides.


The workshop recommended the following topics be covered in greater detail at a follow-up workshop:

  • Justification of medical exposures
  • Optimization of protection in medical exposures
  • Regulatory control of NORM industries

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