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Revision of the BSS - Timelines


The timelines below reflect the progression, in reverse chronological order, of the publication of the new BSS.





July 2014: Publication of jointly sponsored edition of GSR Part 3

The jointly sponsored edition of the International Basic Safety Standards was published as General Safety Requirements No. GSR Part 3: Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards (the BSS) in July 2014. This joint sponsors are EC, FAO, IAEA, ILO, OECD/NEA, PAHO, UNEP, and WHO.

This edition supersedes General Safety Requirements No. GSR Part 3 (Interim edition) issued in 2011, which itself superseded the International Basic Safety Standards that were issued as IAEA Safety Series No. 115 in February 1996.

November 2011: Publication of Interim Edition of GSR Part 3

The revised BSS was published as General Safety Requirements Part 3 (Interim) in the IAEA Safety Standards Series in an Interim Edition in November 2011. This Interim Edition has been submitted to the other potential sponsoring organizations for their approval. Following their decisions on its approval, it will be issued as a jointly sponsored standard. This Interim Edition is reproduced directly from Board of Governors document GOV/2011/42 and has not been edited or typeset by the IAEA.

September 2010: Approval of final draft of the Interim Edition of GSR Part 3

Draft 4.0 (9th September 2010), which addressed all issues raised by Member State comments, was approved by the Safety Standards Committees at their meetings: first at NUSSC and TRANSSC in November 2010, and then by RASSC and WASSC on 8 December 2010 at their joint meeting. All agreed recommendations from the Committees and editorial changes were incorporated by the IAEA Secretariat, in cooperation with the BSS Secretariat and the Chairpersons of the Safety Standards Committees.

Draft 5.0 was finalised on 21 March 2011, and approved by the CSS at its meeting in May 2011.

October 2009 - Soliciting comments from Member States

The four Committees approved that the revised BSS could be sent to Member States for comment at their meetings in October and November 2009. Draft 3.0 of the revised BSS was sent to the IAEA Member States for comment on 28 January 2010. More than 1,500 comments were received from 41 IAEA Member States, and through the processes of the cosponsoring organizations. A summary report on the comments received was provided to the RASSC, WASSC, TRANSCC and NUSSC meetings in June and July. In addition, RASSC was requested to provide advice on some of the key issues identified in the comments.

2007-2009 - Preparation of draft

During 2007, 2008 and 2009, there were many meetings relating to the revision of the BSS, including drafting meetings with the cosponsors, a Technical Meeting in July 2007, coordination meetings of BSS Secretariat (made up of the cosponsors and potential cosponsors of the BSS), a Technical Meeting on radon in December 2009, and meetings of the IAEA Safety Standards Committees (RASSC, WASSC, NUSSC and TRANSSC) that reviewed and provided written comments on various drafts of the revised BSS (draft 1.0, draft 2.0, draft 2.5).

2006: Approval of DPP

In the 4th quarter of 2006, a Document Preparation Profile (DPP) was approved by the IAEA Safety Standards Committees, and endorsed by the Commission on Safety Standards. The Agency, in cooperation with the co-sponsoring and potential co-sponsoring organizations, initiated the revision of the BSS in 2007.

2006: Review of the BSS

In 2006 a review of the 1996 Edition of the Basic Safety Standards (SS 115) was carried out in cooperation with the cosponsors FAO, ILO, NEA, PAHO and WHO and potential cosponsors UNEP and EC. The review concluded that, while there was no major issue requiring urgent revision, there was a case to be made for the revision of the BSS in order to take account of the many improvements that have been suggested.

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