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Development of methodology

The Agency facilitates the development, in cooperation with its Member States and other international organizations, of guidance and recommendations appropropriate to promote the implementation by States of the international binding and non-binding international legal instruments.

Nuclear Security Series

The IAEA has introduced a new series of guidance publications to help States establish a coherent nuclear security infrastructure. The IAEA Nuclear Security Series provides recommendations and guidance for States and for IAEA activities. The guidance publications are linked to the implementation of obligations contained in international legal instruments and international acceptance is attained through an open process of consultation among IAEA Member States.

TecDoc Series

The IAEA TecDoc Series includes publications on the 'Detection of Radioactive Matierals at Borders' and the 'Response to Events Involving the Inadvertend Movement or Illicit Trafficking of Radioactive Materials'

Methodology and technology development

Work continues with the implementation of the Co-ordinated Research Projects (CRP) "Application of Nuclear Forensics in Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and other Radioactive Material" and "Development and Implementation of Instruments and Methods for Detection of Unauthorized Acts Involving Nuclear and other Radioactive Material".

The first CRP will assist in strengthening the capability of Member States to characterize seized items while preserving forensics evidence and to utilize the nuclear forensics techniques for nuclear attributions. The results of this CRP are expected to strengthen the capability of Member States to prevent, detect and respond to events of illicit trafficking by supporting them with the selection, provision and installation of equipment and related support. In particular, the CRP will coordinate and promote development of procedures and techniques for categorization and characterization of materials, preservation of evidence, sampling and transporting for forensics analysis and application of the procedure for providing nuclear forensics support to the requesting IAEA Member States.

The second CRP on "Development and Implementation of Instruments and Methods for Detection of Unauthorized Acts Involving Nuclear and other Radioactive Material" will address the following broad areas in the field of radiation detection equipment and its use: (i) Evaluation of new and emerging technologies; (ii) Evaluation of performance, effectiveness, and sustainability of deployed equipment; (iii) Investigations into techniques for reducing alarms due to "innocent" sources; (iv) Investigation into methods and techniques to strengthen the technical support services for border-monitor programmes in member states; (v) Development of a new class of instruments designed for "special detection tasks", such as instruments to be used for security at Major Public Events; and (vi) updating technical specifications and test procedures for existing and new radiation detection instrumentation.

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