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Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP)

The Agency has taken steps towards consolidating States' nuclear security needs into integrated plans for nuclear security improvements and assistance. The Agency drafts, in consultation with the hosting State, the Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP), which is tailored to the State's specific needs on the basis of findings and recommendations from INSServ, IPPAS, ISSAS) and supported and supplemented by other Agency information.

The establishment of the INSSP mechanism has brought ad hoc interventions into a systematized approach. As a holistic mechanism, an INSSP provides a platform for nuclear security work to be implemented over a period of time, thus ensuring sustainability. All needs are included irrespective of how the need is fulfilled. The INSSP enables the Agency, the State concerned and any donors financing the work to plan and coordinate activities from both a technical and a financial point of view, optimizing the use of resources and avoiding duplications. It also enables some States to prepare and implement the necessary nuclear security improvements internally and without external assistance.

A typical INSSP presents five components of work related to nuclear security: Legislative and Regulatory Framework, Prevention, Detection, Response, and Sustainability. The INSSP identifies the needs, responsible entities and organizations within the State as well as the timeframe for the implementation of agreed activities.

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.