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Nuclear Security Advisory Services

Nuclear security missions, evaluations and technical visits continue to be the Agency’s main tool for helping States to assess their nuclear security needs, and provide a basis for formulating plans

Such missions have increased the Agency’s understanding of both global and national nuclear security needs. The needs identified by such missions can be subsequently addressed by the State alone, in conjunction with Agency support, or with the assistance of a bilateral partner. The Agency is strengthening its contribution to the coordination of these activities.

Nuclear Security Advisory Services

International Nuclear Security Advisory Service

The International Nuclear Security Advisory Service (INSServ) mission serves as a flexible mechanism to help identify a State’s broad nuclear security requirements and the measures needed to meet them. The INSServ Report, once agreed by the host State, serves as the basis for nuclear security cooperation between the Agency and the State and, with the consent of the State, as a vehicle for the coordination of bilateral nuclear security assistance.

International Physical Protection Advisory Service

The International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS) missions continue to serve as the Agency’s chief tool for evaluating existing physical protection arrangements in Member States. IPPAS missions carry out detailed reviews of the legal and regulatory basis for the physical protection of nuclear activities in the requesting State and of compliance with obligations contained in the CPPNM. They also compare the established national practices with the guidance provided in IAEA documents as well as with international best practices. The findings of IPPAS missions are formulated into confidential mission reports for further action on a multilateral, bilateral or unilateral basis. Specific IPPAS follow-up assistance such as training, technical support and more targeted assessments constitute an essential feature of this advisory service.

SSAC Advisory Service

The IAEA SSAC Advisory Service (ISSAS) provides requesting national authorities with recommendations and suggestions for improvements to their State systems for accountancy and control (SSACs) of nuclear material. The missions evaluate the regulatory, legislative, administrative and technical components of the SSAC at both the State and facility level, and assess how the SSAC meets the obligations contained in the State’s safeguards agreement and additional protocol as applicable.

Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan

The Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP) attempts a holistic approach to nuclear security capacity-building and is based on findings and recommendations from its range of nuclear security missions. It is drafted in consultation with individual Member States and tailored to the country specific needs. The establishment of the INSSP mechanism has brought ad hoc interventions into a more systematized approach.

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