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Services for Member States

storage-facilitySafety and security reviews, evaluation and appraisal services are provided by the Agency to it's Member States, upon their request.

For nuclear safety they provide a means of applying the IAEA safety standards. Hence, the scope of the services is directly related to the areas addressed by the safety standards, i.e. governmental organization, research reactors, operation, design and siting of nuclear power plants, radiation, waste and transport safety and security.

Turbine roomEffective implementation of these Standards is essential for ensuring a high level of safety, therefore the Agency must also appraise the compliance of Member States with these Standards to ensure the Standards are being applied.

For nuclear security, these services help Member States to meet their obligations under international agreements and resolutions of the UN Security Council and to implement the guidance and recommendations issued by the Agency. They can provide a means by which needs are identified, and future work - to addresse these needs - can be agreed upon. The objective is to help Member States achieve the highest level of security against malicious acts.

| Last update: Thursday, 19 November, 2015.