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SALTO Steering Committee

Terms of Reference

The Steering Committee will guide the Programme implementation. The Steering Committee is composed of senior representatives of countries participating in the Programme. Working Groups will implement the Programme technical activities. Working Group leaders will attend Steering Committee meetings as required and report on the activities carried out and planned.

The role of the Steering Committee is in particular to :

  • Define priorities and determine the number and the scope of the Working Groups based on the Programme Workplan;
  • Review and approve Workplans, reports, and recommendations of the Programme Working Groups;
  • Monitor the Programme progress achieved and collect, co-ordinate, and assimilate the results of Working Groups;
  • Ensure Working Groups identify gaps and overlaps through the exchange of information on related work underway and planned to avoid duplication of effort; and
  • Endorse a Final Report of the Programme and advise how the Final Report recommendations could be integrated into existing programmes.

Four Steering Committee meetings have been held: Vienna, Austria, 19-21 May 2003; Vienna, Austria, 16-18 March 2004; Vienna, Austria, 25-27 April 2005; Vienna, Austria, 23-25 January 2006.

The results of the Steering Committee meetings are summarized in the Reports of its meetings.


IAEA-EBP-LTO-01 Minutes of the Programme's First Steering Committee Meeting
IAEA-EBP-LTO-02 Minutes of the Programme's Planning Meeting
IAEA-EBP-LTO-09 Minutes of the Programme's Second Steering Committee Meeting
IAEA-EBP-LTO-15 Minutes of the Programme's Third Steering Committee Meeting
IAEA-EBP-LTO-30 Minutes of the Programme's Fourth Steering Committee Meeting
IAEA-EBP-LTO-24 Minutes of WG Leaders/Secretaries Meeting
IAEA-EBP-LTO-25 Programme Final Report
IAEA-EBP-LTO-DiD Assessment of Defence in Depth for Nuclear Power Plants considering Long Term Operation
IAEA-EBP-LTO-DiD Fig. 2 Flowchart on Assessment of Defence in Depth for Nuclear Power Plants considering Long Term Operation

EBP Schedule

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Examples of results

Steering Committee Members:

Adamchik, Sergei GOSATOMNADZOR
Russian Federation
Bieth, Michel Directorate General JRC
European Commission
Carlsson, Lennart SKI/SIP
Čepček, Štefan UJD
Slovak Republic
Dragunov, Yuri G. OKB Gidropress
Russian Federation
Figueras, Jose Maria CSN
Gillespie, Frank P.
SC Chairman
Koponen, Hannu STUK
Krs, Petr SUJB
Czech Republic
Larsson, Lars Gunnar SIP
Liszka, Ervin SKI/SIP
Lopez Arcos, Isidro Directorate General RELEX
European Commission
Miroshnichenko, Mikhail Rostechnadzor
Russian Federation
Moffitt, Robert L. PNNL
Reister, Richard Department of Energy
Semenov, Oleksandr SNRCU
Shumkov, Yevhen NAEK Energoatom
Sorokin, Nikolai M. ROSENERGOATOM
Russian Federation
Šváb, Miroslav SUJB
Czech Republic
Tranteeva, Radelina Kozloduy NPP
Voross, Lajos HAEA
West, Bill NII
Ziakova, Marta NRA
Slovak Republic

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