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RSLS Meetings

International Working Forum on Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites - Third Annual Technical Meeting

8-12 October 2012, Vienna, Austria


The objectives of the meeting were to provide a forum to present relevant recent Agency documents and initiatives, status of; and to further develop material produced by the three working groups in the areas of regulatory enhancements, environmental impact and safety assessments and professional development of regulators. The TM provided an opportunity to expand the network of RSLS participants for future interactions.

During the meeting the working groups divided into sessions focused on the three topical areas described above and prepared written material in support of a future IAEA TECDOC.

There was a review of the previous year’s activities and plans discussed for the coming year.

General Conference Resolutions

The RSLS forum is supported by four previous General Conference Resolutions on “Measures to strengthen international cooperation in nuclear, radiation, transport and waste safety” GC(56)/RES/9 “Encourages Member States to participate in the International Working Forum for the Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites”


The meeting was opened by Mr Pil-Soo Hahn (Director, Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety, IAEA). Dr Hahn stressed the importance of the work of the RSLS group. He noted the success of the RSLS Workshop and Scientific Visit in the USA in August 2012. He thanked the USNRC, USDOE and Norway for their support of this event. He encouraged the group to continue to work hard on the initial drafting of an IAEA RSLS TECDOC and wished everyone a productive meeting.

Plenary Sessions

  • Contents and status of IAEA draft safety guides relevant to remediation
  • IAEA networks
  • Overview of the radiation monitoring and protection services and a tour of the associated laboratory
  • Overview of the Iraq decommissioning project
  • New IAEA modelling project called MODARIA which builds upon EMRAS I and II
  • Overview of the European Nuclear Safety training and tutorial institute (ENSTTI) program and discussion of the possibilities of cooperation with IAEA in the future

Break-out sessions for Working Groups

The three working groups provided an initial status and continued development of material for a project report to be included in an IAEA TECDOC. Two of the groups utilized questionnaires to assess regulatory framework and training programs for regulators. One working group is developing a checklist for environmental impact assessments.

The International Forum for Regulatory Supervision (RSLS) is open to all IAEA Member States and is a means to support regulatory bodies worldwide. New members are welcome.

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