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RSLS Meetings

International Working Forum on Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites - Fourth Annual Technical Meeting

22-24 October 2013, Vienna, Austria

Insert image here The fourth Annual Technical Meeting for the International Forum for the Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites was held at IAEA Headquarters in Vienna 22-24 October 2013. Forty-two participants from 23 countries participated.

The Technical Meeting addressed the following topics:

  • RSLS project overview and future project plan
  • TECDOC contents and status
  • Working Group Summaries (1-3)
  • Member State Presentations
  • Legacy-relevant IAEA activities
  • Preview of 2014-2016 RSLS activities
  • RSLS project business

RSLS was primarily focussed on uranium legacies but during the meeting it was decided that it would include other types of legacies, for example:

  • Sites affected by historical major accidents
  • Inadequate storage and disposal sites and facilities
  • Nuclear technology development centres
  • Nuclear peaceful and weapons testing sites

Based on the experience of three previous years of work in the field of uranium legacy sites, RSLS plans to develop a TECDOC: “Report of the International Working Forum for the Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites”. The TECDOC will contain IAEA Guidance, Requirements and other reports; responses to questionnaires and working group input; information collected during workshops; scientific visits; technical meetings, and best professional judgement. The TECDOC is intended to be a general regulatory-focussed legacy site document, reporting the work already completed and setting the stage for future activities and potentially other documents.

Prior to the Technical Meeting the IAEA organized a consultancy in which leaders of RSLS Working Groups participated to develop the structure of the TECDOC.

During the Technical Meeting, Working Groups and Member States presented the results and progress made in addressing uranium legacy sites in the last year, as well as sharing the information on the main issues in the field and how these were resolved.

Activities in 2014

A list of activities for the next years were also discussed. The major activities for 2014:

  • Workshop on Remediation of Uranium Legacy Sites: Canadian Experience in Elliot Lake, April 28-May 2, 2014
  • International Workshop on Regulatory Control of Nuclear Legacy Sites and Radioactive Waste Management in Moscow, November 19-21, 2014

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