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RSLS Meetings

International Working Forum on Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites - Second Annual Technical Meeting

17-21 October 2011, Vienna, Austria

Insert image hereInternational Working Forum on Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites, with initial focus on International and Regional Initiatives to Remediate Contaminated Sites in Central Asia.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conducted the second Technical Meeting (TM) for the International Working Forum on Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites (RSLS), at its Headquarters in Vienna from 17 to 21 October 2011.


The objectives of the meeting were to provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas among relevant regulatory organisations concerning regulatory needs for supervision of legacy sites which was accomplished in part through a series of country presentations and discussions.  The TM provided an opportunity to establish a network and the points of contact for future regulatory interactions.

During the meeting the working groups divided into sessions focused on three topical areas: enhancing the regulatory regime, professional development of regulators and applications of methods for safety and environmental assessments. The purpose of which was to finalize the work plan and initiate detailed planning of upcoming activities for 2012-2014.

General Conference Resolutions

The RSLS forum is supported by three previous General Conference Resolutions on “Measures to strengthen international cooperation in nuclear, radiation, transport and waste safety”, GC (55)/RES/9, endorses the creation of this forum and encourages MS participation.

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