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Iraq decommissioning project

Decommissioning & waste management strategy and plan

There is a clear need for the decommissioning project to develop the decommissioning and remediation strategies as well as plans based on the characterization data for the sites and facilities and on the output from the prioritization process.

Decommissioning and remediation strategies  as well as plans should be developed and approved by the regulatory body prior to any decommissioning activity. They must contain, as an integral component, a clear understanding of the nature and quantity of all waste streams and re-usable material arising from the decommissioning activity and a plan for its disposition in terms of clearance, re-use, interim storage or disposal as radioactive waste.

At the start of the project, waste considerations were considered within the overall decommissioning management structure. The initial preparatory phases of the waste management are:

  • Development and refinement of the information on potential waste streams which will need to be addressed
  • Review of international experience and current practices relevant to decommissioning waste management, material sentencing and clearance, treatment and packaging of waste, and waste disposal options for Intermediate Level Waste (ILW), Low Level Waste (LLW) and Very Low Level Waste (VLLW). It is particularly important to gain an understanding of the strategic issues involved and the interaction between disposal requirements and decommissioning operations
  • Assess whether any current Iraqi facilities could be modified or upgraded to provide useful service for waste conditioning or storage
  • Initial refinement of the options for waste management and disposal appropriate for Iraq, including the number, size and location of possible interim waste stores and preliminary consideration of potential specifications and locations for waste disposal sites
  • Determination of the vision for the defined end state for the key site at Al-Tuwaitha Nuclear Centre

A preliminary basis for planning waste processing and storage requirements have been developed during site visits to Germany and France.  In 2009, the Radioactive Waste Treatment Directorate (RWTD) was formed and a draft national waste management policy and strategy for Iraq have been prepared. The RWTD staff have begun to further develop plans, and considered what facilities at Al-Tuwaitha Nuclear Centre may be useful in the future. There are currently no approved radioactive waste disposal sites in Iraq.

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.