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Al Tuwaitha - Tamuz 2 Reactor


This is a pool type reactor of 500 kW thermal power supplied by France. The reactor was mainly designed as neutronic mock-up for Tammuz 1 reactor. [Tammuz 1 was destroyed by air-raid in 1981 prior to operation]. As a result, the role of Tammuz 2 was changed and it was used for training, neutronic radiography and for research purposes. The reactor was totally destroyed in the 1991 Gulf War and has been de-fuelled. The expected wastes to be generated by the decommissioning activities are about 50 tons solid wastes and 35 m³ of liquid wastes. The same radionuclides as IRT-5000 are expected to be present in the wastes.Tamuz 2 Reactor


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