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Al Tuwaitha - RWTS Warehouse

Waste Store

This warehouse contains a significant assortment of solid wastes. There are more than 100 barrels of untreated solid waste. This waste existed before 1991. There is also a large number of metal drums, many holding contaminated contents (including an estimated 1200 drums containing around 250 tons of contaminated sludge, at least some of which came from the Italian complex).

RWTS Warehouse Contents
In addition there are many contaminated materials, tools, glove-boxes and equipment from different nuclear facilities in Iraq. There are also a large number of concrete containers housing bituminized wastes.

Contaminated ground areas surrounding Warehouse

There are yellow barrels containing radioactive solid wastes (contaminated soils brought from Al-Jesira site). There is also contaminated equipment including hot-cells, glove-boxes, machines and tools amounting to about 50 tons of solid waste.

Treated Waste and Different Metallic Radioactive Wastes


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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.