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Al Tuwaitha - LAMA Testing Laboratory


This French-supplied facility was designed for destructive and non-destructive testing of irradiated experimental fuel pins or materials, but it was never used as intended. It was used for other general purposes. The building was heavily damaged during the wars. It consists of three concrete hot cells and a number of lead cells which have subsequently been dismantled.

A processing line was installed to extract enriched U but only did one test using one unirradiated natural U batch. There are some references to previous Li alloy processing, so H3 contamination may also be possible.

LAMA Building
Any residual contamination of LAMA is believed to be minor.

Decommissioning the Destroyed LAMA Facility

There is an expectation that there is very low contamination and hence low volumes of active waste. This project will allow the development of decommissioning experience and expertise within a relatively safe environment.

Ceremony of Starting the Decommissioning of LAMA Facility

At a ceremony in Baghdad on 7 July, Iraqi officials launched the first hands-on work of Iraq Decommissioning Programme. A cleanup effort that's expected to take at least 15 years and is likely to cost millions of Euros. It was hosted by the Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Raid J. Fahmi.

Mr. Fahmi is no stranger to programmes having been engaged in such things for a number of years. He was educated in Iraq, the United Kingdom and France so has a truly international perspective of the programme. He acknowledged that once the planning is complete the hardest part of a project is then getting it underway on the ground.

At the ceremony, four participants gave presentations on decommissioning the destroyed LAMA facility. Mr. Adnan S. Jarjies from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) gave a presentation on the Decommissioning Programme of Destroyed Nuclear Sites and Facilities in Iraq. Dr. R. Chesser and Dr. C. Phillips from Texas Tech University also presented as did Ms. Bushra Ali Ahmed from Ministry of Environment (MoEN). Ms. Bushra's presentation was on Regulatory Requirement and Control for Decommissioning of Nuclear Facility. A presentation on IRSRA Duties and Achievement was delivered by Mr. Hussein Ali Abbas.

Clearance of the LAMA Facility

Iraq’s Decommissioning Programme (IDP) for its former nuclear facilities is starting with site clearance around the LAMA facility at Al-Tuwaitha site near Baghdad, and then its dismantlement. The challenges of surveying and characterising waste and scrap materials will present early, and raise still further questions of storage and disposal of any radioactive waste found. This will all be new for Iraq's re-emergent professional community. The work will also be carried out in hot and dusty conditions which will bring their own challenges



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