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IRT 5000 Reactor


This is a pool type research reactor. It was built by the former Soviet Union and went critical in 1967 and started operation at full power (2 MW) in 1968. The reactor was upgraded to 5 MW in 1978. The reactor was mainly used for radioisotope production and as a neutron source for experimental research in the field of nuclear and solid state physics and activation analysis.

click to enlargeIt was destroyed in the 1991 Gulf War, although there was no evidence ofleakage from the reactor pool, and has since been de-fuelled. The expected contaminated solid wastes resulting from the decommissioning are around 85 tons and the liquid waste 55 m³. The main radionuclides in the waste are expected to be activation products, mainly 60Co. Water in the reactor is contaminated with both 137Cs and 60Co.

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