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Al Tuwaitha - Fuel Fabrication and U Purification

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This group of buildings and the adjacent open area are considered as a single facility for project planning purposes.This Italian-supplied facility was used to purify yellow-cake to produce U3O8, UO2, UO3 and metallic uranium. Some fuel elements using natural fuel were also produced at this facility, which were later irradiated at IRT 5000 for the purpose of radiochemistry research. It was heavily damaged during the 1991 Gulf War. Only the steel structure remains. There are nearly 10 tons of solid waste contaminated with uranium compounds, including pipes and metallic storage tanks.

The open areas between this facility and the berm were used in the past as a vast scrapyard of damaged equipment.

Liquid waste Pit

click to enlargeThe Waste Pit is located nearby. It consists of a concrete pit housing two stainless steel tanks: one tank contained inactive liquid waste, the other tank housed liquid uranium bearing waste as a sludge. Most of the sludge tank contents were removed in 1998, but the bottom of the pit still contains a thin sludge (unless it has by now dried out): this remaining sludge was estimated to contain about 150 kg U as U oxides.


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