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Iraq decommissioning project

Law and regulation overview

In conjunction with the planning and implementation of the Iraq Decommissioning Project, there has been an increased need for a proper legal basis for effective regulatory scrutiny as well as control over the decommissioning programme.

The historical legislative basis for radiation protection and radiological safety in Iraq was provided  according to the Iraqi Law No. 99 in 1980. The law, entitled “Radiation Protection from Ionizing Radiation”, established the Radiation Protection Centre (RPC) of the Iraq Ministry of Environment as the primary regulatory body.  The RPC was tasked with providing the legal framework for radiation protection and environmental safety based on IAEA safety regulations. Draft laws, prepared with the assistance of the IAEA, will establish a National Atomic Energy Commission as well as an Atomic Nuclear Regulatory Commission and are currently undergoing approval from the Government of Iraq.

Since the commencement of the IDP, the Iraqi Government has been regulating and implementing its programs as though the legislation and regulations were approved. At this time the Ministry of the Environment has been designated the regulatory body for all decommissioning and waste management activities.  The Iraqi Radiation Sources Regulatory Authority (IRSRA) is the regulatory body for sealed sources.

Draft regulations covering radiation safety, decommissioning, radioactive waste management, waste disposal and safe transport have also been prepared with Agency assistance.

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.