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Location C (Al-Wardia)


Location C is the nuclear materials storage located on the perimeter road outside the berm at Al-Tuwaitha. It is Iraq's only operational nuclear storage facility and is under 24 hour military guard. This location contains two storage bunkers.

Yellowcake inventory

The nuclear materials and waste stored in Location C can be considered to fall into two groups. Group 1 is identified as 'inventory', from the point of view that inventory material could be used or sold (including yellowcake).

Group 2 is called waste, from the point of view that such materials cannot be used or, in the normal sense, sold. This storage bunker contains a large number of plastic containers full of uranium compounds mixed with sand and fine stones. These containers were brought from Al-Jesira site and are estimated to contain about 3 tons of material. Outside the bunker there are 11 large containers full of low level of radioactive wastes and a large one containing filters contaminated by UCl4.

Location C itself is a significantly contaminated area, both within the buildings and in the surrounding open areas. The small marsh found within the facility perimeter, although thriving, is heavily contaminated.

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| Last update: Tuesday, 09 December, 2014.