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Al Jesira (Al-Ramah building)


This facility was designed to receive yellowcake and produce UO2, UCl4 and UF6. This site was bombed during the 1991 war and the UO2 plant was totally destroyed. Much equipment was lost during the looting events in 2003.

Drums of solid waste in concrete pond circa 1994

There were three main nuclear material handling locations; the UO2 plant, the UCl4 plant and the waste tanks.

Post 1991, the UO2 plant was totally destroyed and it is estimated that about 1000 kgs of U compounds are buried in the foundation structures. There is little to no surface contamination at the UO2 plant site.
Post 1991, the UCl4 building was emptied and cleaned and there was little to no residual contamination. Post 2003, the UCl4 building has been dismantled and nothing remains.

The three large concrete waste ponds still exist. The waste drums previously stored there may have been moved to Location C at Al-Tuwaitha. The internal walls and floors of the concrete ponds are likely to be contaminated as will the surrounding ground surfaces and pump station pits.

Removal of the waste pipes connection the UO2 building to the waste pits resulted in spotty contamination with ADU of some parts of the pipe route. The storage of contaminated equipment in surface dumps resulted in surface contamination in these areas. Nevertheless, the amount of uranium compounds involved with the pipe route and the equipment dumps is small, probably not more that 50-100 kg, possibly less.

The main hazard at Al-Jesira would be groundwater contamination via seepage from the UO2 building site.

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