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Adaya Site

Disposal / Dump Location (Location 7)

This site is located at 50 km to the west of Mosul city. After the 1991 war, destroyed equipments, concrete rubble and miscellaneous solid wastes were trucked to a burial site near the village of Adaya about 35 km west of Al-Jesira. The material was dumped into excavations in the soil and subsequently covered. Much of the equipment and rubble contained uranium compounds as yellowcake, ADU, UO3 and UO2.

>Adaya scrap equipment 1994

In 1994 the Adaya dump was partially excavated to confirm (and did confirm) the presence of equipment and the presence of uranium compounds. The dump was again closed. Circa 2004 Adaya was again excavated to look for weapons of mass destruction. Some equipment was salvaged, and items of contaminated equipment were shipped abroad.

An estimated 3 tons of yellow cake and uranium oxide produced from the operation of Al-Jesira site remains at Adaya. In addition the site contains 80 tons of contaminated and destroyed equipment dumped into excavation in the soil and subsequently covered. Today, most of this U will be dispersed in the soil.

The principal hazard will be contamination of groundwater as U slowly leaches from the soil during the rainy season in Northern Iraq.

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