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Provide expert advice to Central Asian countries affected by the legacy of uranium sites and reinforce regional and international cooperation in this matter (the CGULS project) (Component 1 of CA 2011/268-525)

Project Tasks

Task 1

To support and promote the Coordination Group for Uranium Legacy Sites (CGULS), thereby providing an integrated approach to planning and executing remedial activities, and fostering cooperation and common understanding on the issue amongst the affected countries, international stakeholders and potential donors.

The Contracting Authority’s resources will be used to support the following activities:

  • Preparation of a programme of work and strategic plan for the technical meetings, compilation of updated participating countries’ profiles, preparation of a portfolio of relevant projects to be considered, selection and recruitment of appropriate international experts, coordination with the international organisations running or considering remediation programmes in Central Asia.
  • Conduct technical meetings (1) to review the status of on-going projects and future plans of national and international organizations conducting remediation related activities of uranium production legacy sites in Central Asia.
  • Translation of key documents and working material to be handled during the meetings to English and/or Russian, and provision of simultaneous interpretation during the meetings.

Task 2

To provide expert services and advice to international organizations and Member States in support of efforts to develop comprehensive environmental impact assessments and feasibility studies, or other remediation related activities, as needed, for legacy uranium production sites.

The Contracting Authority’s resources will be used to support the following activities:

  • Preparatory work for the review missions and coordination through completion and distribution of reports, liaison with the Member States and parties concerned.
  • Home-based assignments to prepare for the review missions of the panel of experts (POE), and finalise their reports upon completion of the missions.
  • Translation of key documents to English and/or Russian as required for the preparation and conduct of POE missions, coordination with Member States and reporting.

Task 3

To provide technical oversight and support in the field as needed.

The Contracting Authority’s resources will be used to support the following activities:

  • Conduct national expert missions and home-based assignments or expert consultancies.

Task 4

To reinforce regulatory frameworks by supporting national and international initiatives as appropriate.

The Contracting Authority’s resources will be used to support the following activities:

  • At least one regulation workshop which would cover the following areas: development of national policy and strategy; authorization process for remediation and decommissioning, waste classification; waste management processes; remediation safety criteria; long-term surveillance and maintenance requirements; clearance, exclusion and exemption.(i.e. per Agency standards and guidance).
  • Expert missions to assist in draft regulation reviews or interfacing with entities involved in regulation preparation. Preparation of mission reports on the achievements made during the relevant missions.
  • Support national and international organizations requests in regulatory assistance.

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