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A.2. Enhancing the operational safety review services for nuclear power plants

Project Rationale

In order to enhance the operational safety of NPPs, the IAEA is presently conducting operational safety review missions (OSARTs). Lessons learned from the Fukushima accidents, led to encourage member states to request such missions more frequently and to improve the guidelines for conducting such missions by enhancing focus on areas like severe accident management and safety culture.


  • Improved service of the Operational Safety Review Team (OSART), incorporating the lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi accident, including severe accident management and safety culture.


  • The OSART Guidelines 2015 Edition (IAEA Services Series No. 12 (Rev. 1)), published in 2016, take into consideration the lessons and observations from the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident and the revision of the Safety Requirements of IAEA Safety Standards Series No. SSR-2/2;
  • 15 working notes outlines developed and posted on the website;
  • Lessons learned from the trial application of the OSART modules on humans, technology and organizations (HTO) were incorporated in the guidelines for assessment of safety culture as part of OSART missions;
  • OSART interactive training materials were updated and additional training materials on HTO, nuclear power plant operational safety self-assessment and OSART team work were developed;
  • The second phase of the refurbishment of the OSMIR database was launched.

Beneficiary Countries: All Member States

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Upcoming events

Meeting title



A Special Service Agreement (SSA) or Consultancy Meeting (CS) to adapt the methodology for assessment of safety culture to be applied during OSART missions

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Q1 2017

Completion of updated OSART collaboration platform

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Q2 2017

An SSA or a CS for adapting OSART working notes outlines for use during Corporate OSART missions

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Q2 2017


OSART Guidelines, Edition 2015

IAEA Services Series 12 ( rev.1)

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