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EBP Asia

Extrabudgetary Programme on the Safety of Nuclear Installations in South East Asia, Pacific and Far East Countries

Welcome to the pages about the IAEA's programme on the safety of nuclear installations in South East Asia, Pacific and Far East countries. The Agency established the programme in 1997 to strengthen nuclear safety and to enhance the technical capabilities of regulatory authorities and supporting technical organizations in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Click here for an overview of the programme

Programme scope

Focus is on providing assistance for:

  • Education and training in nuclear safety
  • Strengthening national regulatory frameworks and technical and management capabilities including: nuclear legislation, regulations, safety assessment, licensing, inspection and enforcement
  • Emergency planning and preparedness
  • Promotion of safety culture concepts
  • Provision of information to decision makers and to the public to build up understanding and confidence in nuclear safety
  • Development and revision of country profiles and specific action plans for prioritizing IAEA assistance in nuclear safety matters related to nuclear power plants and research reactors
  • Development of an Integrated Safety Evaluation (ISE) process to assess a country's safety regime against IAEA nuclear safety standards
  • Establishing a regional forum to exchange information to harmonize the implementation of nuclear safety concepts
  • Operation of the Asian Nuclear Safety Network (ANSN)
  • Programme implementation.

A Technical Meeting is convened annually and provides advice to the IAEA on programme implementation.

Programme Implementation

The Programme Implementation Information in the Asian Programme Management Database (APMD) is available only to designated users from the following countries participating in the IAEA Extrabudgetary Programme on the Safety of Nuclear Installations in the South East Asia, Pacific and Far East countries:

People's Republic of China - Indonesia - Malaysia - Philippines - Thailand - Viet Nam - France - Germany - Japan - Republic of Korea - Spain - United States of America

Asian Programme Management Database (APMD)

Technical Meeting

Terms of Reference:

1. To advise the Agency on the major programme activities including the preparation of training workshops, missions and topical meetings.

2. To evaluate the results and progress made in the implementation of the programme activities and to advice on future activities based on achievements.

3. To be a forum for the exchange of information on safety matters of common interest to the countries in the region.

4. To advise on matters requiring co-ordination between IAEA and other international activities.

5. To advise on the consistency between country nuclear safety profiles and action plans for IAEA assistance.


Representatives of Member States participating in the programme and observers from international organizations also involved in Nuclear Safety related assistance to countries in the area as relevant.

Date of next Technical Meeting: 6-9 December 2004.


The Asian Nuclear Safety Network (ANSN) is a regional safety network to pool, analyze and share existing and new knowledge and practical experience to further improve the safety of nuclear installations in Asia. A Pilot Project was successfully implemented in 2003 to develop and test the basic networking communication, the database structure, taxonomy, and the search and retrieval mechanisms. The network should go in full operation in 2004.

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